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Are you ready to unlock Midnight?

Uncover a hauntingly beautiful treasure trove of tales in this darkly bittersweet short story collection.

Imbued with eight chilling and memorable short stories that range from the poignant to the melancholy, this imaginative blend of dark fairy tales and speculative fiction draws inspiration from classic ghost tales to offer readers an unforgettable experience. Underscored by touching universal themes of overcoming adversity, facing fears, fellowship, and finding one’s place in the world, Midnight’s Treasury brings its characters to life in a way that will touch your heart and speak to your soul. 

Stories included:

∞  Queen of Hearts  ∞  Trevelyan’s Eye  ∞  Thin Air ∞ Neighbourhood Watch  ∞  The Caveat  ∞  St Mark’s Eve  ∞ Gethsemane  ∞  Cock Crow at Candlemas  ∞

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Out now! 

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