j. t. croft



Before becoming a writer, Justin worked in botanical horticulture and the gardens of historic buildings. He fell in love with fantastical fiction when he found a tattered copy of The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper discarded on a park bench.

He reads and writes escapist speculative and Gothic fiction that have strong emotional themes; books that champion the vulnerable or weak. He writes about good and evil, and the interesting grey area that lies between.

He is enchanted by the works of Edwardian ghost writers such as M. R. James, and E. F. Benson, as much as the Gothic works of Susan Hill, Laura Purcell, and Daphne du Maurier.

Justin lives with his partner, and a grey tabby in Worcestershire, UK. He drinks too much coffee, loves lemon drizzle cake, wine gums and dahlias. He is an avid podcast and audiobook listener.

He revisits nostalgic children’s ‘ghost stories’ such as Moondial, The Box of Delights, The Children of Green Knowe, and likes to visit atmospheric places for inspiration and story ideas.

He loves to interact with readers and other authors.

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