j. t. croft

“Dead Brilliant”
Lana K-S
"J. T. Croft promises the reader a gothic piece in the style of Laura Purcell, Hester Fox and Susan Hill, and "House of Bells" entirely lives up to the promise!"
"Moving and intense psychic / paranormal drama"
Molly H
"Could not put this new book down by Croft. Not only was it a different take on some of these supernatural mystery books, but the plot and characters were well developed and likeable. Definitely a nail biter. And it truly kept me reading when I should have been doing something else."
"I really enjoy this author’s work, and this anthology is no different. If you enjoy stories that leave you wanting more, this is definitely a book for you."

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‘How do I account for the music?

My good critic, my business is to tell my story – not to account for it.’

– E. Nesbit