j. t. croft

“Dead Brilliant”

Discover a magical collection of ten hauntingly fantastical short stories, underscored by universal themes of fellowship, love, and hope.

A spectral highwayman returns from the gallows to help a locksmith restore his fortune, a magician’s apprentice must deal with the aftermath of a magic trick gone terribly wrong, a lonely pensioner is comforted by a nurse from beyond the grave, and many more…

Perfect for fans of classic ghost stories and imaginative fantasy alike, these tales will satisfy your curiosities and speak to your deepest human desires to connect and empathise, making them ideal for readers of Neil Gaiman, M. R. James, Roald Dahl and many others. Stories include:

❋ The Spirit of the Place ❋ Tyburn’s Shadow ❋ The Most Magnificent Menka ❋ The Dark Heart ❋ My Fellow Man ❋ Familiar’s End ❋ The Box in the Belfry ❋ The Last Laugh ❋ Beloved ❋ Two Left Feet ❋

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Available in ebook and paperback

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