j. t. croft

A woman haunted by fate

A child silenced by fear

A house full of secrets and bells…


1918. Stripped of her reputation and haunted by a spirit she failed to protect, the young governess Grace Meadows finds herself out of time and growing more and more desperate. But when she’s offered a strange job from an eccentric medium, she never could have imagined what she was signing up for.

Tasked with caring for a troubled young girl who has lost the ability to speak, Grace must unravel the dangerous secrets at the heart of a run-down country mansion and find the source of the horrors which now threaten both of their lives.

As she’s forced to confront her own demons and reconcile the ghosts of past and present, can Grace protect the child from the living and dead? And what is waiting for her beyond the mysterious silk and bells which protect them from forces unseen?

Jane Eyre meets the Woman in Black in this gothic supernatural mystery. Perfect for fans of Susan Hill, Sarah Waters, Laura Purcell, and novels packed with thrilling suspense which will keep you on the edge of your seat, A House of Bells is a tale you won’t want to miss.

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