j. t. croft

Winner of the Holyer an Gof  Publishers’ Award 2023 

Don’t be afraid, let go…


Bereaved and crushed by terrible guilt, discredited psychiatrist James Marshall grapples with the pain and demotion back to his home town on the Cornish coast, seeking solace in the professional wilderness away from a former high-flying career. But when he stumbles upon a strange woman wandering alone on the wild and dangerous headland of Maiden Point, their fates quickly collide… and he’s brought face-to-face with his own family’s secrets and links to the supernatural.

Emily remembers nothing of her past. Stuck in the grip of amnesia, she struggles to piece together her identity – and what led her to the fateful clifftop. Lost in a world of local legends and incredible coincidences, James must decide whether to believe her stories of a paranormal protector to get to the truth… or if her tales are nothing more than psychological trauma.

And when the woman’s past finally catches up to her, can James unearth the truth to save the past and present maidens of Maiden Point?

Perfect for fans of authors including Sarah Maine, Laura Purcell, and Wendy Webb, Maiden Point is a hauntingly beautiful novel that grapples with timeless themes of redemption, regret, and overcoming the ghosts of the past, all set on the rugged and beautiful Cornish coastline.

Maiden Point Cover

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